My little boy turned FOUR!!

My little man two days old, so precious.

5 Months, I want to eat him up he is so dang cute!!!!

10 Months

One year old!

20 months - mexico trip!

Meeting his baby sis for the first time. One of my most favorite memories ever


Almost 3, so dang handsome

Looking like such a little boy, happy Fourth birthday!

The family on his bday

This post is dedicated to my little man who is growing up so fast. How is Triston FOUR??? I really feel like he turned one yesterday!! Time is flying by way too fast and I am feeling stressed that I have not yet documented what my little guy is like at FOUR! This post is mostly for journaling purposes but feel free to enjoy (or just check out the pics!).

Things Triston LOVES:

Soccer- this little guy loves soccer and it pretty dang good at it. He could play with Quinn all day long, but most days he has to settle for playing with me.
Football- he spends a few hours each afternoon running around the house and tackling the air and throwing the football around.
Cars- he still loves cars, he is really into Toy Story 3 hot wheels cars right now
Tech Deck skateboards
He loves the movies: How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3
His favorite music is our Wee Sing Silly Songs that we sing in the car and "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor- I know so random. But he hears that song on Quinn's football highlight video and it is his absolute FAV. He refers to it as "The football song" and he sings along, it's hilarious.
He loves to play games, go fish, memory, toy story yahtzee, hide and seek, tag. he gets so into them that it just cracks me up. This boy is SUPER competitive, sometimes its a little stressful :)
Food- fish tacos, candy of course, cinnamon toast crunch, apples-honeycrisp, spaghetti, peas
He loves to sing, especially little solo's in the car, he is pretty much tone deaf it is hilarious and so awesome to listen to him serenade us.

Triston is so full of life and energy. He is always coming up with some fun thing for his friends or our family to do. He is protective of Bridgie even though he beats up on her every now and then. But if someone else were to bug her at all, he is all upset. We couldn't have asked for a better little man. he is perfect for our family in every way. Triston, we love you to pieces and love your fun-loving, exciting personality!!! Happy birthday to my best boy.

Weight: 38.4 lbs - 70%
Height: 42 1/2 inches - 83%


Dave & Chels said...

We miss Triston! He is such a good kid. I love having little boys! That is good that you have some Wee Songs for him - I need to get some for B so can stop singing Kesha songs.

Carrie said...

You guys are so cute! Though our boys are both all-boy and the same age within a few days, it's fun to see how different two seemingly similar guys can be.

Brooke Deserae Winmill said...

I love your kids Dan! They are SO sweet!

Lora Gooch said...

Love the one with that big hat. He's soooo cute that kid!! I remember when he was a little wee lad and it seems like just yesterday. Happy birthday Triston!

The Becks said...

I can't believe he's 4! I swear just yesterday we were at the Vegas Bowl and you were pregnant.. He's such a cutie pie!