Triston and Brooklyn so so cute

Trunk or treat

The fam

My sweet little ballerina, this girl LOVES pink!

Triston's school field trip

Bridgie was so excited to be going with Triston to school


Monster cupcakes - so gross

I just love this picture, Bridgie and found my mascara and decided to put some on. Such a girlie girl.

October is one of my most favorite months! I love the fabulous fall weather, I love the leaves changing (not so much in West TX), I love all of the upcoming holidays!

Some of the Highlights for October were:
Quinn's BIRTHDAY!! Since Quinn spends all day and night studying, I forced him to take a break long enough for us to sing to him and eat some cake. Happy happy birthday to my love!

We had a little Halloween Party at our house with a few of our friends and it was a success! I try to let the kids where their costumes as much as possible the week of Halloween so it was another excuse to get them all gussied up, which they loved! At our party we played a few games (that the kids didn't really get) and we made monster cakes! Then we just ate candy and played around the house.

Bridgie and I got to go to the Science Spectrum Carnival while Triston was at school. It was fun to get to do something with just my little girlie!

Trunk or Treat!! We dressed up one final time for our Stake Trunk or Treat and the kids brought home so much candy. I ended up handing it our on Halloween to trick or treaters so that the kids didn't eat it all :)

Triston is still really enjoying school. This month they went on a field trip to a pumpkin trail, which Bridgie and I attended. It was so fun to watch Triston in his element at school and see how he acts with his friends and teacher. Triston has become best buds with two boys from school...Carson and Mason. His teacher refers to him and Carson as "Double Trouble". Not the label you dream of as a parent...but I know that it fits them perfectly! He is still LOVING soccer and wishes he had practice everyday. He was in his first Primary Program and did such a great job of saying his pary, "I am a child of God". I was totally crying! He sang most of the songs and kept waving to us and sticking his tongue out at Bridget, such a big brother.

Bridget is talking more and more everyday. She is still completely obsessed with SHOES. That girl will spend all day walking from closet to closet trying on all different types of shoes. And if we ever have a friend over she wears their shoes the whole time they are at our house. She loves to pick out clothes and put on her clothes by herself. She is SO independent. Anytime I try to help her with something she says, "No mommy, I do it." A few of her other favorite phrases are, "I hate it." or "I lub it!" Here is a an example of a conversation we had today, Me: Bridget would you like a sandwich? B: I hate sanwich. Me: Will please try it? B: No! I hate it. Triston takes a bite and says how great it is. B tries it, "Mommy, sissy lub sanwich!" Silly girl.

Funny Things T said:

While trying to get Triston to eat dinner.
Me: Triston I think if you try the rice you will like it.
T: But I don't like rice ever.
Me: Just try it.
T: Ok.
T: This rice is blowing my life! (he meant blowing his mind) :)

My friend and I were talking about waking Bridget up to go to Triston's soccer class and Triston interjected with:
"Mom, but what if Bridgie is a beast?"

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