In an attempt to keep our sad little blog alive I think I am going to try to publish one post a month (seems fairly doable right now). Life has somehow gotten crazy crazy and blogging has been one of the things I have here it goes. Here is our month of September:

Labor Day:
We traveled out to Tucson to visit Quinn's family and to go to his ten year High School Reunion! Unfortunately we forgot the camera and have no pics to document our trip. We had lots of fun hanging out with the fam, it was great for Quinn to finally get to take a trip home. As for the was interesting. We had a great time catching up with a few of Quinn's close friends so that made it totally worth it!

The next weekend I went to CALI to visit my bff Emmalee and her family!! It was so great to finally be able to catch up, see her adorable kiddos, stay up all night laughing and talking. She and her hub Zac took me to San Fransico, I had never been before and it was AMAZING! We ate at the most delicious place I have ever eaten called Epic Roasthouse. If you are ever near San Fran it is definitely worth the trip. We walked around Pier 39 and we went to Union Square and checked out all the shops. It was so cool, I had never experienced anything like it. It was an amazing weekend.

Other highlights from September:
Triston started PreSchool! He loves it! He is learning all sorts of cool things, his favorite is probably the sign language. Bridgie misses Triston so much while he is at school. She talks about him the whole time he is gone. She will point things out and say, "Tistin's bed", "Tistin's shoes", "Tistin school", it pretty much melts my heart.

Also Bridget is finally officially in nursery!! woohoo. no more chasing her through the halls of church for THREE hours every Sunday. What a blessed thing nursery is! Her first few Sundays she struggled a little but now she acts like its no big deal to go in without us. Can't believe she is already so big.

Another big event, drum rolllllll....Bridgie hair is finally long enough for pig tails! Oh what a blessed day! She looks so dang cute with her piggies. Bridget happens to be OBSESSED with pigs right now, so well I tell her I am putting "piggies" in her hair she gets super excited.

A bit of sad new...some of close friends moved to Dallas. Triston and Bridgie both lost their besties. It was a sad day since they were our neighbors and daily play buddies. We will hopefully be able to see them in Dallas one of these days!

Quinn has been super busy with school and the company that he interned for this summer hired him on which has been awesome! They have been super flexible with his school schedule which is a must right now. The countdown is on...Quinn graduates with his MBA in DECEMBER. Wooohooo, can't believe it has gone so fast!
This video makes me laugh...Bridgie being her sassy little self:)

For the most part these two are peas in a pod. Makes my heart melt seeing things like this.


My cute big boy

San Fran - The largest Macy's in the world - TEN stories so crazy

Me and Emma at outside Epic Roasthouse, it overlooked the Bay Bridge

Zac and Em, two of my favorite people

Pier 39

Triston's first day of PreSchool!! Can't get this kiddo to smile for the camera. He is always doing something silly.

Our last day with the Jackson fam...miss you guys!!


Gooch Family said...

How fun you got to go to San Fran, without kids! I can't get over how old Triston looks in those pictures! And that video of miss sassy pants is so funny. I love then how Triston comes up and hits her then after she says no, ha, oh the life of little kiddos. So much fun!

Dave & Chels said...

Oh we miss you too! It was great talking to you the other day. Your kiddos are so cute. They are both so photogenic! Someday those four will be able to catch up.

huggin said...

oh my gosh... her piggies.... dying... so cute!! And how cute are she and Triston together? just snuggling on the couch... being best friends...

Iverson Family said...

Dani, I am so impressed with your post! Your pics of San Fran are making me home sick! I love all the pics of your kids, they sure are adorable :) Thanks for the yummy pumpkin cookies...I think I just had my 6th for the day!

Lora Gooch said...

I loved San Fran. So beautiful! I am loving the piggies and am jealous I don't get to put them in any ones hair. Although I must say it's nice to not have to even brush my kids hair some days..:) Dani your hair is so long. Do you have have extensions? Man your hair grows so fast!

Anonymous said...

hey girl! love your blog post and all those cute pictures. i can't believe how big they are both getting! so cute. we need to catch up--i have been a wreck trying to finish school and get a new job. i'll call you soon--or call me when you get a minute! love you!

Carrie said...

You and those kiddos are adorable!

Donde esta Octobre?

Yoshi said...

lol my last name is Gooch to!!!