Oh geez how did I get so behind on this blogging business again?? Life is so crazy for us right now but I am trying to keep a good family here is November

As shown in my last post:
Triston turned four! We had a fun little party at the park with some of his friends. We ate pizza and cake, opened presents, played at the park, and hit the pinata! That night Quinn and Triston went to a Tech football game, thanks to our great friends the Reddicks for the tickests. It was the perfect ending to a great day.

Some of our good friends got to have a sleep over party out our house while their Dad was out of town. It was ridiculously fun!

Thanksgiving! My whole fam came out for the holiday. My brother brought his gf also and it was so great to finally meet her! It had been way too long since we had all been together, hopefully we will be able to do it again soon!

the fam on thanksgiving

my whole family! sooo many boys

sleep over party

Brooklyn and Bridgie, cute girlies in their pjs

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Iverson Family said...

I love when you post! Thanks for the sleepover...IT WAS FUN!