the lovely month of December

December flew by this year! I was so glad that we decorated for Christmas in November since we left for Quinn's parents house on Dec 15th, we had a few weeks to enjoy our Christmas decor before we took off (plus I had to take it down before we left, I couldn't think about coming home and doing it in Jan).

Our December Highlights:

Our biggest news...Quinn graduated with his MBA!! Our time at Tech went by so fast I can't believe he is already done and that he did so well! I am soooo proud of him!

I helped my mom decorate for our churches Nativity Exhibit which was amazing! We spent several days and nights at the church organizing and decorating trying to figure out how to display over 400 nativities. It was incredible how many people came together to help make this event amazing! It was a great way to start off the Christmas season. I was also so grateful for the chance to take my kids to see the nativities and to feel the spirit and explain the real reason we celebrate Christmas.

Ugly Sweater Party!! We had a last minute Ugly Sweater Party that turned out awesome! We had soooo much food and it was all so yummy. We played charades, which was HILARIOUS, and a few other fun games. The best part was seeing one of our friends in footed pjs and he was sporting a mustache! It was so creepy and so funny.

Trip to ARIZONA! We were so lucky to get to go to AZ for three weeks this year! It was great to be able to spend so much time with family but it was so hard to say good bye. We are seriously missing all the cousins, delish food, amazing weather, and especially the trampoline!!

December pics:


Oh geez how did I get so behind on this blogging business again?? Life is so crazy for us right now but I am trying to keep a good family here is November

As shown in my last post:
Triston turned four! We had a fun little party at the park with some of his friends. We ate pizza and cake, opened presents, played at the park, and hit the pinata! That night Quinn and Triston went to a Tech football game, thanks to our great friends the Reddicks for the tickests. It was the perfect ending to a great day.

Some of our good friends got to have a sleep over party out our house while their Dad was out of town. It was ridiculously fun!

Thanksgiving! My whole fam came out for the holiday. My brother brought his gf also and it was so great to finally meet her! It had been way too long since we had all been together, hopefully we will be able to do it again soon!

the fam on thanksgiving

my whole family! sooo many boys

sleep over party

Brooklyn and Bridgie, cute girlies in their pjs

My little boy turned FOUR!!

My little man two days old, so precious.

5 Months, I want to eat him up he is so dang cute!!!!

10 Months

One year old!

20 months - mexico trip!

Meeting his baby sis for the first time. One of my most favorite memories ever


Almost 3, so dang handsome

Looking like such a little boy, happy Fourth birthday!

The family on his bday

This post is dedicated to my little man who is growing up so fast. How is Triston FOUR??? I really feel like he turned one yesterday!! Time is flying by way too fast and I am feeling stressed that I have not yet documented what my little guy is like at FOUR! This post is mostly for journaling purposes but feel free to enjoy (or just check out the pics!).

Things Triston LOVES:

Soccer- this little guy loves soccer and it pretty dang good at it. He could play with Quinn all day long, but most days he has to settle for playing with me.
Football- he spends a few hours each afternoon running around the house and tackling the air and throwing the football around.
Cars- he still loves cars, he is really into Toy Story 3 hot wheels cars right now
Tech Deck skateboards
He loves the movies: How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3
His favorite music is our Wee Sing Silly Songs that we sing in the car and "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor- I know so random. But he hears that song on Quinn's football highlight video and it is his absolute FAV. He refers to it as "The football song" and he sings along, it's hilarious.
He loves to play games, go fish, memory, toy story yahtzee, hide and seek, tag. he gets so into them that it just cracks me up. This boy is SUPER competitive, sometimes its a little stressful :)
Food- fish tacos, candy of course, cinnamon toast crunch, apples-honeycrisp, spaghetti, peas
He loves to sing, especially little solo's in the car, he is pretty much tone deaf it is hilarious and so awesome to listen to him serenade us.

Triston is so full of life and energy. He is always coming up with some fun thing for his friends or our family to do. He is protective of Bridgie even though he beats up on her every now and then. But if someone else were to bug her at all, he is all upset. We couldn't have asked for a better little man. he is perfect for our family in every way. Triston, we love you to pieces and love your fun-loving, exciting personality!!! Happy birthday to my best boy.

Weight: 38.4 lbs - 70%
Height: 42 1/2 inches - 83%


Triston and Brooklyn so so cute

Trunk or treat

The fam

My sweet little ballerina, this girl LOVES pink!

Triston's school field trip

Bridgie was so excited to be going with Triston to school


Monster cupcakes - so gross

I just love this picture, Bridgie and found my mascara and decided to put some on. Such a girlie girl.

October is one of my most favorite months! I love the fabulous fall weather, I love the leaves changing (not so much in West TX), I love all of the upcoming holidays!

Some of the Highlights for October were:
Quinn's BIRTHDAY!! Since Quinn spends all day and night studying, I forced him to take a break long enough for us to sing to him and eat some cake. Happy happy birthday to my love!

We had a little Halloween Party at our house with a few of our friends and it was a success! I try to let the kids where their costumes as much as possible the week of Halloween so it was another excuse to get them all gussied up, which they loved! At our party we played a few games (that the kids didn't really get) and we made monster cakes! Then we just ate candy and played around the house.

Bridgie and I got to go to the Science Spectrum Carnival while Triston was at school. It was fun to get to do something with just my little girlie!

Trunk or Treat!! We dressed up one final time for our Stake Trunk or Treat and the kids brought home so much candy. I ended up handing it our on Halloween to trick or treaters so that the kids didn't eat it all :)

Triston is still really enjoying school. This month they went on a field trip to a pumpkin trail, which Bridgie and I attended. It was so fun to watch Triston in his element at school and see how he acts with his friends and teacher. Triston has become best buds with two boys from school...Carson and Mason. His teacher refers to him and Carson as "Double Trouble". Not the label you dream of as a parent...but I know that it fits them perfectly! He is still LOVING soccer and wishes he had practice everyday. He was in his first Primary Program and did such a great job of saying his pary, "I am a child of God". I was totally crying! He sang most of the songs and kept waving to us and sticking his tongue out at Bridget, such a big brother.

Bridget is talking more and more everyday. She is still completely obsessed with SHOES. That girl will spend all day walking from closet to closet trying on all different types of shoes. And if we ever have a friend over she wears their shoes the whole time they are at our house. She loves to pick out clothes and put on her clothes by herself. She is SO independent. Anytime I try to help her with something she says, "No mommy, I do it." A few of her other favorite phrases are, "I hate it." or "I lub it!" Here is a an example of a conversation we had today, Me: Bridget would you like a sandwich? B: I hate sanwich. Me: Will please try it? B: No! I hate it. Triston takes a bite and says how great it is. B tries it, "Mommy, sissy lub sanwich!" Silly girl.

Funny Things T said:

While trying to get Triston to eat dinner.
Me: Triston I think if you try the rice you will like it.
T: But I don't like rice ever.
Me: Just try it.
T: Ok.
T: This rice is blowing my life! (he meant blowing his mind) :)

My friend and I were talking about waking Bridget up to go to Triston's soccer class and Triston interjected with:
"Mom, but what if Bridgie is a beast?"


In an attempt to keep our sad little blog alive I think I am going to try to publish one post a month (seems fairly doable right now). Life has somehow gotten crazy crazy and blogging has been one of the things I have here it goes. Here is our month of September:

Labor Day:
We traveled out to Tucson to visit Quinn's family and to go to his ten year High School Reunion! Unfortunately we forgot the camera and have no pics to document our trip. We had lots of fun hanging out with the fam, it was great for Quinn to finally get to take a trip home. As for the was interesting. We had a great time catching up with a few of Quinn's close friends so that made it totally worth it!

The next weekend I went to CALI to visit my bff Emmalee and her family!! It was so great to finally be able to catch up, see her adorable kiddos, stay up all night laughing and talking. She and her hub Zac took me to San Fransico, I had never been before and it was AMAZING! We ate at the most delicious place I have ever eaten called Epic Roasthouse. If you are ever near San Fran it is definitely worth the trip. We walked around Pier 39 and we went to Union Square and checked out all the shops. It was so cool, I had never experienced anything like it. It was an amazing weekend.

Other highlights from September:
Triston started PreSchool! He loves it! He is learning all sorts of cool things, his favorite is probably the sign language. Bridgie misses Triston so much while he is at school. She talks about him the whole time he is gone. She will point things out and say, "Tistin's bed", "Tistin's shoes", "Tistin school", it pretty much melts my heart.

Also Bridget is finally officially in nursery!! woohoo. no more chasing her through the halls of church for THREE hours every Sunday. What a blessed thing nursery is! Her first few Sundays she struggled a little but now she acts like its no big deal to go in without us. Can't believe she is already so big.

Another big event, drum rolllllll....Bridgie hair is finally long enough for pig tails! Oh what a blessed day! She looks so dang cute with her piggies. Bridget happens to be OBSESSED with pigs right now, so well I tell her I am putting "piggies" in her hair she gets super excited.

A bit of sad new...some of close friends moved to Dallas. Triston and Bridgie both lost their besties. It was a sad day since they were our neighbors and daily play buddies. We will hopefully be able to see them in Dallas one of these days!

Quinn has been super busy with school and the company that he interned for this summer hired him on which has been awesome! They have been super flexible with his school schedule which is a must right now. The countdown is on...Quinn graduates with his MBA in DECEMBER. Wooohooo, can't believe it has gone so fast!
This video makes me laugh...Bridgie being her sassy little self:)

For the most part these two are peas in a pod. Makes my heart melt seeing things like this.


My cute big boy

San Fran - The largest Macy's in the world - TEN stories so crazy

Me and Emma at outside Epic Roasthouse, it overlooked the Bay Bridge

Zac and Em, two of my favorite people

Pier 39

Triston's first day of PreSchool!! Can't get this kiddo to smile for the camera. He is always doing something silly.

Our last day with the Jackson fam...miss you guys!!